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I’ve been there, sister. I know what it's like to be so clueless about nutrition amongst the overwhelming "info" on the internet, confused about which exercises to do for “toned” arms, and didn’t believe a “fit lifestyle” could co-exist with my favorite -, dark chocolate and Malbec.

I grew up as a scrawny competitive swimmer. I didn't want to use the weights during lifting post-swim practice because I, "don't want to look like a man!" Sound familiar?

Fast forward years and I now hold a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, a Bachelor of Arts in Italian (random, right?), and am a Certified Personal Trainer via National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Certified Sport + Exercise Nutrition Coach under Precision Nutrition (PN L1) with four bodybuilding competitions in the bikini division and 2x National Qualifications under my belt.

My mission is for you to not only to help you achieve lasting results, but teach you step-by-step how to eat + exercise for your goals so you can be your own coach long-term.

Whether your reason for wanting lasting results is to look good for your wedding or be a healthy role model for your future kiddos - we’re in this together!

Thanks for being here!

xo, Francesca