What to Do to Lose Weight if You Feel Exhausted After Work

Girlfriend, are you…

Tired when you wake up?

Tired during the day?

Tired when you come home after work?

So you end up asking yourself,

“What the heck can a girl do to lose weight if I’m exhausted all the time?!”

You’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start at the root: your exhaustion.

Feeling low-energy could be due to:

  1. Not enough sleep

  2. Poor quality of sleep

  3. Not enough calories (calories = energy!)

  4. Not enough high-quality, nutrient-dense foods

  5. Poor digestion (this hugely affects my energy!)

  6. Vitamin or nutrient deficiency

  7. Too little water intake

Which of the above do you experience? I made a solution for each. 😀

  1. Not enough sleep: It’s time to prioritize your life, sister. Is scrolling IG for 30min each day really necessary? I suggest making a list of your very top priorities and sticking to them with a bedtime in mind. It doesn’t have to be a major jump from what you’re used to (ex. 11PM to 9PM) but even the smallest adjustment (15min) will help.

  2. Poor quality of sleep: I don’t know about you, but I grew up sleeping on basically a plank. If you’re in a comfortable financial position to invest in a mattress - do it. You spend 1/3 of your time in your bed! A solid night of sleep will positively impact your progress, mood, and therefore, quality of life.

  3. Not enough calories: Chronic dieting (trying multiple diets or dieting for long periods of time) can make your entire system whack. When increasing caloric intake, do so incrementally and follow solution #4 below.

  4. Not enough high-quality, nutrient-dense foods: It’s time to say goodbye to excessive junk like soda or snacking on sugary, empty snacks (ex. Cheez-Its, Goldfish, potato chips). These items do not provide the body with any redeeming nutrients - totally not worth the energy drain you receive as a result of the temporary satisfaction.

  5. Poor digestion: You should be going #2 every single day. Period. And, when releasing, it should be a solid release. None of this “stringy” or “liquidy” sh*t, ladies. My first recommendation is to track your food intake to gather an idea of how much fiber you’re consuming each day. The rec for women is 20-30g but I, personally, prefer ~35g. The upper limit for fiber is excessively high (think 75g; an upper limit means an amount that would negatively affect your health) so don’t worry about getting “too much.” Once fiber is examined, make sure that you’re eating fiber within the appropriate range on a consistent basis. I will be “off” even if I have one “too low” fiber day! After fiber, incorporating a living (AKA must be bought refrigerated and kept refrigerated) probiotic is what I’d suggest next. A supplement like this all-in-1 from 1st Phorm could be your perfect go-to - highly recommend it!

  6. Vitamin or nutrient deficiency: Getting bloodwork done is always a good idea. In lab testing, I would suggest asking the Dr. for a test that checks iron and Vitamin D levels. Both can contribute to how your cells utilize vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

  7. Too little water intake: A simple way to increase water intake is to simply swap sugary drinks for water. If you’re a, “I don’t like how water tastes!” gal, you can simply add a zero-cal drink supplement to your H2O. Again, even small incremental changes will make a big difference, here.

Alright, finding a solution for the root of the problem = check!

Step 2: Make nutrient-dense meals easy & enjoyable!

  1. Get your partner involved.

  2. Schedule it in (just like you should with your workouts. If it ain’t in the Calendar, it ain’t happening).

  3. Reject boring! There are Pinterest pins for DAYS on easy, healthy meals for two. Get after it.

Step 3: Make your workouts efficient & effective

  1. If you currently perform any kind of exercise a total of zero times per week, bump it to 1.

    If you currently exercise 1x per week, bump it to 2.

    3x per week is the perfect place to start as a beginner. 😀

    If you start 3x per week, I suggest all 3 workouts be total-body workouts. This way, you can build overall strength (which must come first in the overall process).

  2. Schedule the amount of time you can absolutely commit to the gym in your calendar for the week. Commit to this appointment with yourself! Even a 20-30min time frame can do the trick and, if necessary, an accountability buddy can be golden here.

  3. Superset exercises - meaning, do 1 full set of an exercise immediately followed by a set of your next exercise, then break before round 2. You’ll keep your heart rate up while completing a hyper-efficient, yet still effective, workout.

    For example:


    > BB Chest Press, 3 sets of 10 (exercise 1)

    > DB Arnold Press, 3 sets of 12 (exercise 2)

    >> In this example, you would complete 10 reps of BB chest press immediately followed by 12 reps of DB Arnold Press, rest, then repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

  4. Workout in the AM. I know, I know… it sounds intimidating at first. But, it will allow you to continue your day without the nagging anxiety of knowing you still need to hit the gym in addition to being able to spend the evening unwinding with your partner (quality time you might not otherwise have!).

If you’re thinking to yourself, "I’m ready to up-level this area of my life. I need someone to hold me accountable, give me a realistic nutrition and exercise plan to follow, and I’m ready to invest in myself to make this happen!” then please fill out this 1:1 coaching application and I will be in contact shortly.

Get after those goals, girlfriend!

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