How to Get Started Losing Weight

Firstly, I want to congratulate you on clicking on this post! Wanting change and taking action to actually make that change happen are two very different things.

From my perspective, anyone who puts in work to become better has my 100% respect. Willingly signing up for the work that comes along with a transformation is not easy but will be the most rewarding adventure of your life!

I’m convinced the human race gets a massive high from progress (at least, I sure do!). In order to continue making progress, we must aim to be incrementally better every single day.

What can this mean for you?

I’m a coach that believes any transformation, weight loss included, needs attention from all pillars - exercise, nutrition, and mindset. You are complex, mama! You deserve to have a weight loss strategy that reflects that and complements all aspects of you.

First step in losing weight is to BREATHE! Seriously. When I started my fitness journey, I was overwhelmed as you-know-what.

“Why is that girl on IG eating a sweet potato instead of a white potato?”

“What the heck is that side-raise-thingy with that dumbbell doing for that dude in the gym?”

Quickly turning into…

"F this, I’m just going to eat two protein bars in my bed after the gym because I don’t know what else to do!”

Again, breathe. This is about being incrementally better each day, right? AKA you’re already making progress today by reading this post.

The #1 step to losing weight, in my opinion, is awareness. The third pillar (mindset) is our first priority as we have to identify what is truly going on beneath the surface before digging into weighing our chicken, etc (just kidding! You don’t have to do that!).

We must identify what is going on, where we want to go, and most importantly - why we want to get there because that is the secret sauce that will fuel you throughout this journey.

Please take a couple minutes to get in touch with the pain you’re feeling in your current state.

Do you feel ashamed looking in the mirror before you hop in the shower?

Are you hell-bent on making sure the lights are off during sex because you feel self-conscious in your skin?

Have you noticed yourself holding back from asking for a promotion at work because you feel undeserving?

*Note: if you’re screaming, “I FEEL THE PAIN, FRANCESCA! I FEEL IT and I am ready for change NOW, SISTER!” then click here to schedule a free breakthrough consultation so we can get the ball rolling ASAP!

Some questions to consider…

  1. What is the ideal you like? Write every detail about your best self from what you look like physically to how you feel about food, in the bedroom, and at the workplace.

  2. Why is it important to you that you become the woman you just described in Question 1?

What do you feel like your #1 barrier is right now that’s holding you back from reaching the next level?

Mindset Pillar? Check!

Remember the other pillars? Exercise and Nutrition; let’s dive in.

“No carbs after dark!”"

“Fruit instead of dessert!”

“Low fat, low-carb!”

“Keto or bust!”

…can get really confusing, amirite? 🙄

Like I said, incremental change (even I’m annoyed at how many times I’ve said it…)

If your day consists of a couple fast food meals without attention to vitamins, minerals, or fiber - it’s unnecessary to stress about eating 1/2 vs. a whole avocado. Amen? Instead, ask yourself, “Is this a healthier option than I would typically consume for this meal?”

Hierarchy to consider:

  1. Are you taking a multivitamin? Even the most meticulous of us can’t possibly be perfect with getting all vitamins + minerals in via diet on the daily. I recommend this multivitamin - the male version is called M-Factor Hero while the female version is called M-Factor Goddess. Pick one up for yo’ man, while you’re at it! I suggest this vitamin because it has a full amino acid profile + superfood antioxidant complex. That’s impressive as hell, quite frankly.

  2. Are you consuming enough water? No need to jump from a glass/day to a gallon/day! But, if you’ve been feeling low energy, experiencing poor digestion, or simply not your best - this is a good area to examine. Start by adding 1 cup, bottle, or however you measure your water, per day to support both your overall health and fitness goals.

  3. Are fruits and vegetables a regular part of your intake? Same concept here as with the water in #2 - increasing your intake by 1 serving per day can do wonders for your bod! *Note: cooking vegetables, instead of eating them raw, is often easier on the digestive system. If you struggle fitting enough fruits or vegetables into your routine, adding a green supplement to your regimen can be a life-saver! My favorite is Opti-Greens 50 by 1st Phorm.

Do you feel better about the nutrition part? We’re almost there!

Up next: exercise.

If you have not been exercising whatsoever, incorporating a walk during your lunch hour is seriously plenty to get headed in the right direction. That’s right - you don’t need to buy Sherry’s booty-builder-in-a-week program to make progress.

Other simple ways to increase your energy expenditure (calories burned throughout the day) is by parking further away from your destination, taking the stairs instead of elevator, and taking a leisurely walk with your partner after dinner.

If you have not been strength training whatsoever, I do suggest giving any kind of resistance training 2x/week a go!

That’s all for now, folks. To sum it up:

  1. Exercise: increase your daily energy expenditure through simple lifestyle swaps (this especially applies to beginners!)

  2. Nutrition: incorporate a multivitamin, increase water intake, and be diligent with fruits and vegetables.

  3. Mindset: Identify your current pain point, the #1 barrier you’ve been experiencing from up-leveling, and what the woman you want to become is like - inside and out.

If you found this article helpful on your fitness journey, please share the knowledge with a friend! I am sending you all of the encouraging and supportive vibes I can muster. We’re in this together.

In love and health,


Francesca Bankovich