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This is an investment in your staff which will directly relate to the performance of your employees and, therefore, the success of the company. Benefits of employee wellness initiatives include a decrease in employee sick days, increased employee productivity in the workplace and lower long-term healthcare costs.

the difference


Wellness by Francesca Consulting Independent Wellness Consultant

✅Delivers actionable steps for modern-day employee

✅In-person, hands-on, personable care for employees


✅Ability to answer, guide, and teach methods to be implemented today

✅Relatable insight and strategies

✅Analogy: Customized investment advisor

Large Corporate Wellness Programs (Humana, Virgin Health, Vitality)

✖ Overwhelming process for employees in need of simple-step solutions

✖ One-size fits all

✖ Virtual or telephonic health coaching

✖ Numbers-based

✖ Confusing long-term process

✖ Typically not a user-friendly software database (i.e. Go365)

✖ Analogy: Average financial plan



  • Nutrition 101 + Exercise 101 Workshops available

  • How to increase energy for optimal work days

  • How to improve digestion to increase productivity

  • How to make workouts quick and efficient

  • Integrating activity in the workplace


  • A 1:1 fully customized consultation for valued employees

  • Custom workout plan and nutritional guidelines

  • Accurate integration of health history, fitness level, + goals

  • Strategies for increased alertness, mood, + productivity

  • Access to online portal for exercise demo videos and and resources


About Francesca

Francesca was a competitive swimmer throughout high school but consistently ignored advice to strength train throughout her swimming career as to “not look like a man.” Upon arriving to study at The Ohio State University, Francesca quickly regretted ignoring trainer advisory, feeling self-conscious and clueless in the gym (as most of the general public feels!).

Her first goal was to simply feel comfortable wearing a tank top to the gym. She spent free time investigating the “why” behind exercise and nutrition and competed in four National Physique Committee (NPC) bodybuilding shows throughout her collegiate career.

She now holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from The Ohio State University, is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and is a certified Precision Nutrition Level-1 Nutrition Coach.

Having swung from “honey, you need to eat a burger” to being 30 pounds overweight between competitions, Francesca holds a rare sense of empathy for beginners and advanced fitness levels alike. Not only is Francesca a strong public speaker and confident exercise and nutrition specialist, but she is practiced in a “science, simplified” approach through working with her clients - because of her unique experiences and education, Francesca’s program is designed to help each individual employee attain their goals no matter their background or needs.